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Topoľčany, Mecca of Modern and Traditional Art

Topolcany_kultura_03.jpgCulture, art and social events are an important part of day to day life in the city. You can convince yourself by visiting the Topoľčany City Gallery which organizes regular exhibitions and exhibits of Slovak and internationally-recognized artists; we would be remiss not to mention a few of them who have exhibited at the Topoľčany City Gallery: Topolcany_kultura_01.jpgLudivine Allegue (France), Ladislav Schovanec (France), and many other artists from the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Serbia, Switzerland, Poland, Great Britain as well as artists from Slovakia such as Ladislav Záborský, Jozef Vydrnák, Milan Lukáč, Marián Mikloš, Mikuláš Klimčák and the Association of Modern Artists from Central Slovakia. Promotion of the modern arts and culture is handled by the Nástupište 1-12 civic association, which is located in the underground passage at Topoľčany's main bus station. A visit to this multimedia space provides the perfect opportunity to get to know the works of talented young artists from Slovakia and the international community through exhibitions, concerts and other presentations and educational activities. If you are a fan of the silver screen, don't miss the opportunity to visit Topoľčany's cinema, which features some of the latest screening equipment in Slovakia, giving the audience a powerful film experience.