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A Fairy Tale Town

Miesto_ako_z_rozpravky_03.jpgYou say that you aren’t among the admirers of museum expositions and sacred buildings? Even so, the Topoľčany region has many places of interest which will take your breath away. One such unique object is Topoľčany Castle, a dominant and singular building relic whose equal you would be hard-pressed to find in Slovakia.Miesto_ako_z_rozpravky_02.jpg This picturesque ruin with its romantic stepped tower is closely linked with the history of the Slovak nation and the old Kingdom of Hungary. Such figures as Matúš Čák of Trenčín, Stibor of Stiboricz, Ján Hunyadi or the Stummer family, which was its last owner, all strolled within its walls. Thanks to this family Topoľčany Castle estate took on its current form, and its stone-built beauty draws visitors from the wider surroundings. During a visit to this monument emblazoned with legends you will certainly not want to miss climbing to the viewing tower, which provides you with a gorgeous view over the surrounding gardens and the golden, interwoven lines of the fertile of the River Nitra Valley.