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A Varied Autumn Programme

Pestrofarebny_jesenny_program03.jpgPestrofarebny_jesenny_program02.jpgAmong the traditions of the autumn season in the region are exhibitions of fruits, vegetables and pictures from seeds, which are organized in villages as a sign of thanks for the gathered harvest.

If by chance at the end of September you find yourself not far from Oponice Castle and in the distance you hear the clanging of weapons and cannon shots and catch sight of royal forces among the trees, don’t be frightened, you have just become a part of the Middle Ages at Oponice Castle. The golden forest carries the merry the melodies of zithers and flutes while the aroma of culinary specialities spread to the wider surroundings; you can take this all in with your own eyes directly beneath the walls of the Oponice Castle. The rich cultural programme each year ensures pleasant entertainment, offering in addition to a glimpse of medieval history, heart-rending battles of swordsmen, demonstrations by falconers and the possibility of tasting traditional medieval cuisine.


Pleasantly enlivening each autumn is the now traditional September Carpenter’s Grape-Harvest, accompanied by a rich cultural programme, demonstrations of folk crafts, the tasting of traditional good fare and obviously excellent wines and young wine must or federweisser (burčiak). The grape harvest enjoys great popularity; therefore, it would be a great pity if you couldn’t make it on time.

If you wish to penetrate into the art of wine tasting and the gastronomic blending of tastes with wine, the Topoľčany tasting is made for you. This delightful October even allows you to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine in the company of people who dedicate their lives with the cultivating of this ambrosial beverage.