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Across the Považský Inovec

Napriec_PI_01.jpgA scenic landscape, as if from a fairly tale, and villages hidden by morning mists in the foothills of the vast green mountains: this is a picture of the Inovec Mountains, which are rich in history, testimony to which is the archaeological discoveries, the uncovered settlements and the many architectural places of interest. Cultural-historical monuments here together with the exuberance of nature form a harmonic whole which is hard to match in the broader surroundings.

Magical and wild scenery, great views over the landscape, but also the view over the ancient history of the region are all on offer during a walk through the Považský Inovec. In the delightful twilight of a deep forest, not far from the village of Radošina, is Čertova pec (The Devil’s Furnace) an unearthly cave which as long as can be remembered has drawn the attention of man. This inconspicuous cave is unique and all but unmatched in the broader surroundings. It is the oldest cave settlement in Slovakia and was lived in by Neanderthals back in the middle Palaeolithic age.

Napriec_PI_02.jpgIf you set out on the meandering path in the wild natural scenery of the vast forests, you will come to another jewel unique to Slovakia. This is nothing other than the oldest rotunda in Slovakia, the Rotunda of St. George, which proudly stands over the village of Nitrianská Blatnica. This picturesque place in the foothills of the Marhát peak makes a strong impression on each and every visitor. The inconspicuous path, losing itself in the lively green of the surrounding forest, continues further to the sun-drenched peak, on which a wooden viewing tower stands from which a visitor can get a view over the surrounding landscape. On the edge of the distant horizon are the peaks of the Tríbeč, the White Carpathians, or the Strážov Mountains and below is the entire region as if spread in the palm of the hand.

Napriec_PI_03.jpgAnd despite the fantastic view from Marhát, there hidden above the village of Bojná, in the middle of the deep forests of the Považský Inovec, is the ancient hill-fort Valy. This ancient place, which in the long distant past was the centre of the culture and life of the region, houses within it, along with the period reconstruction of the hill-fort and the traditional wooden shelter, a typical dwelling of the Slavs with a stone oven which served as the only source of heat during the long winter periods. A visit to this age-old site is a trip back in time to a period when the region was ruled by Slavonic princes and the hill-fort was the centre of life protecting its residents from the attacks of enemy forces.


When wandering through the Považský Inovec you won’t want to miss the dominant feature of the region, the majestic Topoľčany Castle, from which it is only a stone’s throw to the Opálená skala (“Burnt cliff”) cave, which is tucked into the surrounding deep forests. The more daring can go into its interior and examine whether the legend of a secret tunnel between Topoľčany Castle and the Tovarnícky manor house, which is said to be this inconspicuous cave, is based on the truth.

If you enjoy pleasant walks in nature linked with getting to know the surrounding areas, you will certainly not want to miss the Duchonka - Kulháň Forest Instructional Path, which offers you a unique opportunity to feel the touch of nature and the pleasant atmosphere of the forests. This trail will no doubt arouse your interest in the surrounding forests and at the same time will allow you to enjoy the peace and beauty that reigns here in this magical location.