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Alexander Rudnay Memorial Room in Krušovce



As the title implies, Krušovce was home for 16 years to one of the most important men in Royal Hungary, Alexander Rudnay, who was born on 4 October 1760 in Sväty Kríž nad Váhom (modern day Považany). He was an enlightened educator and an important religious, national and cultural figure, a supporter of religious and clerical tolerance, a staunch supporter of Bernolák and his followers, archbishop, noble, cardinal and Hungarian primate as well as the first Slovak to be the second most influential man in Royal Hungary after the King. In honour of this father-figure of the Slovak nation, the town created the Alexander Rudnay Memorial Room in 2005, which shows its visitors the important moments in his life, bringing his literary creations as well as his life and activities in the parish of Krušovce to life. The memorial room can be opened any day for visitors after agreement with the town office.