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An Object Unique in Central Europe in the Inovec Foothills

stredoeuropsky_unikat_02.jpgFrom the town of Topoľčany it’s only a short jump to the village of Bojná, which is known especially thanks to its ancient hill-fort Valy hidden in the deep forests of the Inovec Mountains. Thanks to rich archaeological discoveries this hill-fort is undoubtedly a worldwide rarity. You, too, can visit this ancient site, which was in the distant past a major centre of the Nitra princedom, and take in the interactive exposition which shows you the way of life of people during the Great Moravian Empire. In combination with a tour of the Archaeological Museum of Great Moravia in Bojná, which houses several hundred archaeological discoveries, a visit to Bojná is one of the most impressive educational trips the Topoľčany region has on offer.


Look over the set of six gilded relief plaques from the portable altar embossed with short Latin texts which are the first proof of the use of letters by the Central European Slavs. You will certainly take an interest in the gilded clasp from the ancient book codex, or the Bojná treasure, which is made up of a hundred iron talents, a Slavonic pre-coin legal tender. The impressive find of a bronze bell with an iron clapper, which is the oldest preserved Christian bell in Slovakia, testifies to the ancient Christian tradition in this location. All of these superb archaeological discoveries, which pay quiet witness to the presence and spreading of Christianity in the territory of Slovakia before the arrival of Sts. Cyril and Methodius to Great Moravia, have an incalculable value and represent important historic testimony about the Topoľčany region in the history of Slovakia.