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Archeological Site Valy

Valy_03.jpgThe most important finds from the Valy Fort and other local archaeological sites are on display at the Great Moravia Archaeological Museum in Bojná located in the centre of town in the building home to the local town offices. Valy_01.jpgThe museum has a few hundred artefacts on display for guests, with early Christian items predominant among them and dating back to the beginning of the 9th century proving the presence and expansion of Christianity on these lands before the arrival of St. Constantine (Cyril) and St. Methodius to Great Moravia.

Specific among them are a set of six gold-leaf relief plaques from a portable altar. Short texts are also embossed in the plaques, making them among the first evidence of the use of letters and indeed writing among central European Slavs. The plaques are joined by a unique bell with an iron ringer discovered in 1997 by J. Jánošík in the base layer of the northwest rampart of the hill fort. This bell is a unique find anywhere in central Europe and matches the type of the oldest preserved Christian bronze bell discovered in the Italian town of Canine.