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Culture of Cold Winter Days

kultura_mrazivych_dni_01.jpgThe arrival of winter in the region is traditionally announced by the opening of the swimming season for the hardy in the village of Nemečky. If you are among fans of swimming in very cold water and also enjoy a truly good time, you’ll certainly want to visit this pretty village in the foothills of the Považský Inovec at the start of winter. Aside from swimming in the pleasant freezing weather, the polar bears will also have a rich cultural programme prepared for you, during which you will certain rest and enjoy yourself.

The region impresses with its magical atmosphere during the winter. This time when the lovely forests, meadows and surrounding nature are draped in a shimmering snow-white blanket and are peacefully resting also brings a rich cultural programme which will leave you full of wonderful memories.

kultura_mrazivych_dni_02.jpgAt the beginning of December, St. Nicholas traditionally comes to visit our littlest ones, bringing with him a great many interesting gifts. Hot punch, the magical beauty of a shimmering Christmas tree and the kiosks with traditional goodies: this is the Christmas market, without which Christmas would perhaps not even feel like Christmas. Come and enjoy a heartfelt meeting with friends on the Square of Milan Rastislav Štefánik, where the snowflakes dancing in the air by the light of the Christmas tree will create an unrepeatable atmosphere and will leave a great many memories with you. The peak of the peaceful Christmas atmosphere is the traditional Christmas concert, which sounds out directly from the window of the majestic building of the Topoľčany town hall and leaves in each and every visitor an unearthly feeling of peace and calm.


In contrast to this peaceful Christmas period are the raucous celebrations for the arrival of the new year. This climaxes each year with a series of fireworks, which shimmer across the entire region and initiate a rowdy revel accompanied by a still richer cultural programme which is a kind of leave-taking of the old year and a welcoming of the new one.

Celebrations of the new year, however, never seem to end in the region. During January and February a series of festival balls which provide fun for all those who love dancing and splendid celebrations is organised for visitors.

One original event not only in the region but in its wider surroundings is the Gourmet’s Ball, which itself is associated with delightful entertainment combined with still more delightful tastings of excellent culinary specialities and good wine.

The peak of the year-round cycle of cultural events in the region is the “burying of the bass” celebration which is the last celebration prior to the arrival of the forty-day period of lent, a time without festivals or entertainment.