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Devil`s Furnace Cave



Čertova pec (Devil`s Furnace) cave is located in the beautiful natural environment of the Považský Inovec Mountains, the place perfect for recreation and relaxation. This ethereal cave in a limestone formation is located in the south-eastern part of the Považský Inovec range and has long attracted the interest of humans. Archaeological research conducted from 1958 to 1961 showed that the cave was inhabited a number of times. The oldest of which was the Moustier culture from the middle of the Palaeolithic Period, who were typical Neanderthals. This finding in Čertova pec was of the oldest known cave settlement in Slovakia. Čertova pec is 27 m long, averaging 6 m wide and 4.6 m tall. After checking out the cave, don't forget to visit the local rest stop with its petting zoo, where you can take in the goats, deer and other animals.