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Fun for Children and Adults

Zabava_pre_deti_01.jpgZabava_pre_deti_02.jpgOne of the favourite spots for family trips is undoubtedly Ranč pod Babicou with its Mini-zoo, which attracts visitors from the broader surroundings with its more than 120 animals from six continents. Africa is represented by lions, domestic donkeys or a family of Cameroonian goats, while the Americas are represented by a family of domestic llamas and a very nice racoon. Jumping kangaroos, a drumming brown emu and the fluttering wings of budgies, cockatiels and colourful parrots recall the parched bush and rainforests of distant Australia. And after a Bengal tiger has crossed your path, after you see macaques capering in the trees and catch sight of a white-tailed porcupine in the underbrush, you will have the feeling that you have landed in the heart of Asia itself. Europe is richly represented in the zoo by European forest species and waterfowl, or even the geese from the polar regions. The entire area of the mini-zoo is set into a beautiful natural environment enclosed by the forests of the nearby village of Bojná.


Children here can ride on horses and play on climbing frames, swings, in a wooden castle or on a trampoline. Parents can find refreshments in the stylish restaurant which has a lovely view over the fishpond, or rest with some excellent fishing. Obviously, our experienced chefs will prepare a tasty dish from your catch, and in the summer you will be entertained by a colourful mix of accompanying programmes not only for children, but adults too.

If you feel a desire for change, you won’t want to miss a visit to the Margarétka recreational area in Topoľčany, which is a centre of relaxation and rest. The pleasant surroundings in the vicinity of the River Nitra make this location a favourite place for young families, who come here regularly to spend leisure time with their kids. This, however, doesn’t mean that others don’t find what they want here. While the children frolic at the children’s playground, parents can rest with a coffee and dessert in the local buffet. Young people certainly appreciate the skate park and the basketball court and if you by chance have a taste for grilling with friends, you can use the local fire rings and enjoy a gathering in a pleasant environment under the a sky full of stars.