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Historical Monuments of Radošina



Architecture fans should not overlook the two-storey, four-wing Renaissance manor house dating back to the second half of the 16th century; the building is magnificent, even if not open to the public. The manor house is home to a clerical organization that uses the facility as a social services house to help men with health (mental) disabilities. Other sites worth noting are a tour of the Church of the Holy Trinity, which houses the attractive altar of the Holy Trinity dating to the start of the 18th century; the Classical marble baptismal shaped like a chalice with a figure of St. John the Baptist dating to the 19th century. The church is located inside a beautiful park with a Lourdes cave and the Chapel of the Holy Cross, all of which make it the perfeľ for relaxing. Not far from the park is the attractive Parish House dating to the 18th century with the crest of Nitra Bishop Anton Révai above the entrance.