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Hot Summer Nights of Culture

Rozpalene_letne_noci_04.jpgThe beginning of the hot summertime in the region traditionally belongs to children and offers an important series of entertainment programmes and events for the youngest among us. Children’s Day (1 June) with its rich accompanying programme is made for spending enjoyable moments with your offspring, who will certainly have fun during the variety of competitions, performances, or puppet theatre presentations.

The name of the town of Topoľčany, as long as anyone can remember, has been linked with markets. Their season in Topoľčany is traditionally opened by the Peter – Paul crafts fair. During a visit here you will come across garden ceramics, homemade leather products, as well as beautiful woven products and other handmade works. Obviously, accompanying the fair will be chilled beer or cooked specialities which you can enjoy along with the pleasant music under the shining blue sky.

At the end of June the region is enlivened thanks to the untraditional watercraft which are floated on the reservoir in Tesáre, in an effort to gain the favour of the jury. If you count yourselves among boating enthusiasts you will certainly not hesitate and will want to take part in this unique event. Each year the rich cultural programme, in combination with the pleasant surroundings of the dam, guarantees the lifting of your mood and the provision of good entertainment.

Rozpalene_letne_noci_01.jpgThe Great Moravia history of the region comes to life before your eyes at the beginning of July, during the Cyril-Method festival in Bojná, when this picturesque village travels back to the time of the dark ages. Your visit will be enlivened by good music and demonstrations of life of the old Slavs. A newer part of history is represented by the Gathering of Veterans at Duchonka, during which, in the surroundings of the reservoir, beautiful period vehicles from all corners of Slovakia meet in order to showcase themselves in all of their glory before the eyes of the large crowd.

The Ranč pod Babicou has for its visitors during the hot summer days a rich cultural programme full of unusual attractions. Interesting programmes are prepared for children, and for adults there are concerts and festival, near and far known as the Opening of the Motoring Season, and the favourite Goulash-Cooking Competition.


Lovers of quality brass music will certainly want to come to the Festival of Brass Music, which has a rich history and has been organised in the village of Krušovce for eleven years now. A colourful mixture of fun, historical traditions, culinary delicacies and different competitions is also on offer at the Topoľčany Feasts and the Days of the Topoľčany Region, which are carried out with rowdy celebrations and concerts on the historical town square, the Square of Milan Rastislav Štefánik.

If you prefer the quiet of nature and at the same time love long walks through the forest, you’ll certainly not want to miss the Night Climb to Marhát. The mysterious night time atmosphere of the forest even more enables the calming effect of the surrounding natural world and offers an unusual experience which is hard to surpass.

The hot summer days are closed out by the Festival of Church Choirs, during which the interior of the Classicist Church of All Saints in Bojná each year in September rings out with the unearthly tones of sacred music. A visit to this singular event is a unique experience which can only be surpassed with difficulty in the broader region. Various choral groups of different types and genres perform liturgical and sacred music and will certainly leave you with deep impressions and a feeling of internal peace.