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In the Mysterious Tríbeč

V_ustrety_Tribecu04.jpgThe intertwined hiking trails, the rare natural reserves, the romantic ruins of castles, as well as the beautiful mysterious forests, which are coloured with innumerable shades of green and in the early morning are shrouded in mist and glistening with thousands of drops of water: all of this is to be found in this little corner of nature.

V_ustrety_Tribecu01.jpgMany prefer the beauty of castle ruins, the mystique of imposing churches or the busy streets of big town to the pleasant quiet of the vast and hidden forests. Often, however, the largest jewels of our country are less known and for many people the experiences which are connected with a visit to these charming sites slips between their fingers. If you wish to feel the special and otherworldly sense of mystery which is connected with such places, you should not miss climbing to the highest peak of the Tríbeč Mountains, Veľký Tríbeč.

The path, losing itself in the thick forest vegetation, will lead you alongside a babbling brook through a meadow full of blossom and around the flying butterflies all the way to Dekanová Cottage, which is the last sign of civilization in this picturesque corner of nature. And what further awaits you?

In one of the most beautiful sections of the climb the thick forests thin out and offer the persistent visitor fantastic views to the scenic valley of the River Nitra, as though it wished to praise the beauty of the surrounding nature itself.


On the peak of the majestic Veľký Tríbeč, enclosed by trees and hidden from the sight of visitors, is the so-called “Hermit’s well”: a lonely shack with a white cross, a stone stove and a spring for water amid the quiet solitude where legend states a hermit resided. This is how this place looked in the past. After the mysterious disappearance of its private resident, only the ruins of the shack and well remained, a memento of past times, when people lived closely linked to nature.

The last ascent to the peak passes through the remains of an ancient hill-fort, in which peace and an almost unearthly atmosphere predominate. A visit here during the early autumn, when the sun is pleasantly warm and the air filled with the scent of the fresh broken ground, in combination with the rich display of colours even further empowers the genius loci of this ancient site and is an unforgettable experience that will leave a deep impression on each lover of nature.