Welcome to the website of the Topoľčany Cluster project


klaster_logo_black.pngThe Topoľčany Cluster is an association connecting government and private sector representatives willing to cooperate on the development of tourism in our region. The primary goals of this unique project include supporting and developing tourism infrastructure in the Topoľčany District, effective and systematic partnership in tourism and improving and promoting tourism products and services in the region. After many meetings the members of the Cluster decided that one of the first steps towards the development of tourism should be the promotion of the The Topoľčany region as a whole.

Funds used to finance the project were obtained within calls in the Regional Operational Programme and specifically Priority Axis 3 - Strengthening the cultural potential of regions and tourism development, Measure 3.2 Support and development of tourism infrastructure. This project is 85% co-financed by the European Union through the Regional Development Fund with 10% provided by the budget of the Slovak Republic and the remaining 5% from the Topoľčany city budget.

Thirteen partners have joined the Topoľčany Cluster project including the city of Topoľčany and the towns of Bojná, Krušovce, Nemečky, Nitrianska Blatnica, Oponice, Prašice, Radošina and Podhradie as well as private sector entities Vítkovské stajne, Pivnica Tesáre, Ranč pod Babicou and Vineria.