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The town of Krušoverb_krusovce.pngce, located in the Nitra Self-Governing Krusovce2_1.jpgRegion at the eastern edge of the Topoľčany District, offers tourists a great historical park and manor house, forming a single harmonious unit, as a perfect place to rest and relax.

In addition to the manor house, park visitors can see the Service Building, the ice grotto, a Lourdes cave and the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary from the 13th century. The church is a national cultural landmark and houses a number of precious artefacts. Among the most precious is the bell dating to 1468 with its Gothic inscription from the bell foundry operated by Master Paul from Topoľčany and the preserved remains of Romanesque and Gothic frescos from the 14th century in the church's attic space.

Since 2005 the toKrusovce3_1.jpgwn offers visitors the chance to visit the Alexander Rudnay Memorial Room, the namesake of which was an enlightened educator and an important religious and national figure, a member and backer of the Slovenské učené tovarišstvo (group who sought to spread Slovak language and literature) and staunch supporter of Bernolák and the Slovak national awakening movement. The Memorial Room takes visitors through the important moments in the life of this father-figure of the Slovak nation, bringing his literary creations as well as his life and the 16 years he spent in the parish of Krušovce to lifeVisitors to the town can also visit a number of food service establishments in town or find accommodation with a number of different providers.



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