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Mad Spring Entertainment

Bujara_jarna_zabava04.jpgLike nature itself the region comes to life again in the spring, as its cultural life begins a new cycle which is brought in with the beckoning of Easter celebrations. These have been a component of the cultural life of the region from time immemorial. In ancient Bojná they are carried in the vestiges of the Welcoming of Spring, associated with displays of traditional crafts which are an interesting accompaniment to this traditional event. The Easter in Folk Traditions event also belongs to the Easter celebration, as the name suggests; this is a meeting of folk craftsmen in the Topoľčany Town Gallery. A visit here will remind you of the arrival of spring and will present you with folk craft productions from the broader surroundings. You will be witness to the traditional painting of Easter eggs, demonstrations of Easter decoration of baked goods, and other techniques of Easter decoration which will leave in you a feeling of rich inspiration and a varied mixture of ideas which belong to springtime. The wide offering of Easter celebrations for which the region can be praised ends with an Easter exhibition in the village of Krušovce and a traditional Day of Folk Masters in Prašice. Both of these events bring the visitor closer to the rich art, traditions and customs which are a natural part of the region.

Bujara_jarna_zabava01.jpgOne unique event which is unmatched in the region and its wider surroundings is the St. George’s Pilgrimage, which always takes place on the occasion of the feast day of St. George in the village of Nitrianská Blatnica. Since the year 1530 a taciturn train of pilgrims, which grows more expansive each year, has during this colossal event set out on a walk to the Rotunda of St. George, located above the village. If you wish to experience the indescribable atmosphere of the St. George’s Pilgrimage, the tradition of which has thus far not been disturbed, join the crowd of believers leading up to this discreet little church on the rocky run of the foothills of the Marhát Peak.

Lovers of wine and viticulture certainly won’t want to miss the traditional Exhibition and Tasting of Wines which is regularly held in Bojná. Here during your visit a wide selection of wines can be tasted, and those of the Radošina wine district can be praised.

Bujara_jarna_zabava03.jpgFor those who like to be carried away in the rhythm of modern dance there is the Slovak-wide competition in modern dance Top Dancing, during which at the end of April the streets of Topoľčany are regularly filled with young dancers, competing for the judges’ favour in impressive dance battles.
On the last day of April it is as if the entire region breaks out in song and celebration on command. As long as can be remembered the Building of the Maypole has taken place: a young spruce tree which is a symbol of the victory of spring over winter, of life over death and again the renewal of nature. The building of a maypole, accompanied by a rich cultural programme and dance expressing the joy of life is an unforgettable experience for all lovers of traditional culture and folklore.


A colourful mixture of entertainment and concerts under the open air is offered by the Opening of the Tourism Season in the Topoľčany Region. In addition to fine dining during the rich cultural programme, this non-traditional event also offers the possibility of taking part in a hiking trip which is always focused on a different goal. If you are among the lovers of hiking, you certainly shouldn’t miss the traditional Climb to Bielá Bukovina, which is an appropriate way to start the new tourism season in the company of fine people and a good atmosphere.

The doors of the regional museum are opened to visitors into the late-night hours each year in May during the Nights of Museums and Galleries in order to provide enthusiasts with an experience they will not easily forget. Activities of these museums which remain hidden to the public all year round are on this one night opened to all visitors. Come and see rare exhibits which are given a mysterious effect in the light of the moon. The absorbing commentary from curators and the rich accompanying programme will enliven the viewing for you.