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Minizoo Under the Babica



For our smallest guests we have prepared a miniature zoo, which has more than 120 animals from 6 of the Earth's continents. Africa is represented by African lions, donkeys and a family of pygmy goats from Cameroon. The Americas are represented by a family of llamas, which have recently welcomed a baby llama, and are joined by a friendly raccoon. Jumping kangaroos, bobbing brown emus and the flapping wings of budgies, cockatiels and eastern rosella will remind you of the bush and the rainforests of faraway Australia. Then, after a Bengal tiger passes in front of your eyes and macaque monkeys jump through the trees and you see a white-tailed porcupine in the scrub, you'll have the feeling that you're in Asia. The zoo also has a diverse range of wildlife and water fowl from Europe, including arctic geese. Children can enjoy a pony ride and have fun on the swings, the obstacle course, the wooden castle and the trampoline as well.