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Mysterious Frescos inside an Ancient Church

Tajomne_fresky_01.jpgYour wanders through the cultural-historical monuments should also include a visit to the picturesque village of Krušovce, whose rich history has from time immemorial been linked with the Christian tradition. The inconspicuous Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in the congenial surroundings of a historical park conceals in its interior unique artefacts, such as the Virgin Mary Bell from 1468 with a Gothic majuscule inscription, coming from the bell maker Master Paul of Topoľčany, or the preserved remnants of Romanesque and Gothic frescos from the 14th century.


The harmonic combination of a neo-Renaissance manor house and this rare historical park, which seems to have been created for all of those who desire rest in the pleasant environment of shady nooks and spellbinding crannies, impresses with its uncommon beauty. If, by chance, the concert of birds and the pleasing environment of the park are not for you, you can visit the nearby Memorial Room of Alexander Rudnay, one of the most influential men of the Kingdom of Hungary from the 18th century. This enlightened man of letters, church and national-cultural historian, Archbishop of Esztergom, Hungarian primate and staunch supporter of the Bernolák group, was the first Slovak who was after the palatine the second most influential man in the Kingdom of Hungary. A visit to his memorial room will take you through the important moments of his life, bring you knowledge of his literary work as well as his life and work in the Krušovce vicarage, which lasted for more than 15 years.