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The small village of Nemečky with history dating backNemecky3_1.jpg to the 13th century and the arrival of the first German colonists to the area upon the invitation of King Bela IV is located in a picturesque valley under the eastern slopes of the Považský Inovec and surrounded by forests. The village is first mentioned in writing in 1403.

While Nemečky may not boast the cultural landmarks of other towns, it certainly remains an interesting place that is worth a visit. Nemecky2_1.jpgOf note, for instance, is the village bell tower with its bell dating to 1864, the wooden cross which has been in town since anyone can remember and the stone statue of the Virgin Mary and child dating to 1714. 

The area around the village isalso compelling thanks to its characteristic rolling and forested hills that create the perfect environment for nature walks with combined with the nearby reservoir.  This reservoir, constructed in 1965 nearby the village, is a favourite spot among fishing fans, those who love swimming outdoors and anyone looking for a quiet place to enjoy undisturbed recreation in a great environment.



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