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Night life and Eating out

Bezodne_moznosti_02.jpgBezodne_moznosti_01.jpgDo you like the idea of an evening out with your friends? As the sun starts to set, the Square of Milan Rastislav Štefánik comes alive with the sound of young people meeting up to go to one of the town’s many bars or discos. The paved side streets, summer terraces and romantic nooks of the town park beneath the trees are ideal places to plan your evening ahead.

The Vineria winebar is a good place to start. It offers more than two hundred varieties of wine and its cellar, specially designed for wine-tasting, lies right under the town square. Here visitors can learn more about the art of viniculture and enjoy some delicious food with their wine. Vineria is more than just a winebar; it is a little cultural centre all of its own where people with similar interests meet.Bezodne_moznosti_04.jpg Its pleasant and cosy atmosphere makes it ideal for romantic evenings, family celebrations and meetings with friends.

If you would like to sample good wine in a place where wine is actually made, you should go to the cellars of Pivnice Tesáre. This is a fascinating place where you can sample a large range of wines and look at records of local winemaking going right back to 1839. Every autumn, an annual vintage celebration is held here with a rich cultural programme, displays of folk crafts, traditional delicacies, and, of course, a wide choice of excellent wines and federweisser.

If you like to spend your evenings to the sound of Latino rhythms, go to the Havana Club in Topoľčany where you are guaranteed a night of exotic dancing and fun. If you fancy some good draught beer, try the typical Czech beer house of u Švejka, home to some of the finest Czech and Slovak beers.

Topoľčany is not the only place for a lively night out in the region. Another popular place for dancing and live music is the Duchonka reservoir. On hot summer days and balmy summer nights, there are often concerts and discos there which attract young people from all around.