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At the base of the Tríbeč Mountains and in the north of theOponice02.jpg fertile Nitra Self-Governing Region in the Topoľčany District is the town of Oponice, best known for one of the most imposing landmarks in the entire district, Oponice Castle The picturesque ruins surrounded by an oak forest create a very inviting and warm impression that seems almost as if cut from a fairy tale. Come and relax and recharge your batteries surrounded by the old walls of the castle, which serve as a memento to this landmark in the region. Everyone who enjoys quiet lookouts with majestic views into the surrounding area is sure to appreciate the breathtaking views of the setting sun as light floods down into the valley of the Nitra River, bordered by the faraway peaks of the Považský Inovec.

One option for relaoponice2.jpgxing in a pleasant envirOponice03.jpgonment is to visit the Renaissance manor house of the noble Apponyi family which has been converted into a luxurious hotel with a swimming pool, whirlpool and a wide range of wellness services. A visit to the manor house would not be complete without a visit to the famous Baroque library of the ancient Apponyi family, the shelves of which contain precious volumes and its character clearly makes it the pearl among Slovakia's libraries and is beyond compare.

Other options for sightseeing in and around Oponice include a visit to the small manor house, which is home to the Apponyi Hunting Museum. The tour is sure to excite with an interesting collection of paintings, period furniture, a part of the Bernolák library, hunting trophies, religious items from the local church and unique artefacts from an Allied aircraft that crashed in the Tribeč Mountains.



Oponice 105

956 14 Oponice

Tel.: 00 38 53 17 125

Web: www.oponice.sk


 Apponyi Hunting Museum in Oponice
E-mail: apponyihomuzeum@gmail.com


To visit, call:

00 910 130 808 (Apponyi museum)
00 918 398 656 (Apponyi Library and Crypt)