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Pivnica Tesáre



On the eastern base of the Považský Inovec foothills is one of the few winemaking towns in the Topoľčany District, the village of Tesáre. The name of this village has long been associated with vineyards, which have been controlled since 1997 by Pivnica Tesáre, which focuses on producing certified and certified special origin bottled wines.

Pivnica Tesáre employs traditional procedures in conjunction with modern technology when producing its wines in order to ensure the highest quality finished products. White wines are matured in stainless steel tanks while the red wines are stored in wooden barrel to help develop their characteristic bouquet and high quality.

If you get a taste for a glass of wine and want to enjoy a great environment surrounding by vineyards then there is no better option than to head to Pivnica Tesáre. Your visit is sure to leave you with a number of beauTesare1_1.jpgtiful experiences. A tour of the local cellars provides the opportuTesare4.jpgnity to check out the annual harvest records from a local vineyard that have been maintained since 1839 or choose the right wine for your tastes after enjoying a tasting.

A great event held every autumn is the traditional Tesárske vinobranie, or grape harvest festival, featuring a great cultural program with examples of folk crafts, traditional treats and delicacies to enjoy and excellent wines and freshly fermented grape must.


Pivnica Tesáre

Víno - Uhlár

Tesáre 9

Tel: 00 38 53 78 110

Mobil: 00 905 560 341

Web: www.vino.tym.sk