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In the foothills of the Považský Inovec and in the north of bPodhradie_1.jpgoth the Topoľčany District and the Nitra Self-Governing Region is the town of Podhradie, which is best known for the picturesque ruins of a castle perched high on a dolomite cliff.

The picturesque castle ruins with the romantic stepped roof tower are closely associated with the history of the Slovak nation and Royal Hungary. Inside its wall passed important figures such as Máté Csák of Trencsén, Stibor of Stiboricz, John Hunyadi and the Stummer family, who were also the castle's final owners. Topoľčany Castle assumed its current form thanks to this final line of owners and the beautiful stone work continues to attract visitors from great distances. When visiting this legendary monument don't miss the opportunity to climb up the observation tower, which provides tremendous viepodhradie1.jpgws over flowering gardens and the golden flax that intertwines through the fertile valley of thePodhradie_4.jpg Nitra River.

Nearby Opálená Skala cave is also worth a visit and is hidden in the deep forests nearby. More daring visitors can enter the cave and see if the legend of a secret tunnel connecting Topoľčany Castle and the manor house in Tovarníky that passes through this very cave is true or not.



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