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The name of Radošina is well known to lovers of good wine and cRadosina_2.jpgulture. Viniculture has a rich history in Radošina. The local wine was once one of the favourite drinks of the English royal family. Famous Radošinský Klevner has been served at the table of the recent visits of Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II to Slovakia. 

Radošina is also known, as mentioned previously, to lovers of culture and primarily thanks to Radošina's Naive Theatre, which was established in the 1960s, has progressively become a beloved theatre locally and across Slovakia.

In addition to culture and good wine, the town provides its visitors with Radosina_4.jpgother culturaRadosina_3.jpgl and historical landmarks such as the two-storey, four-wing Renaissance manor house from the second half of the 16th century, which belongs to the Diocese of Nitra and is the main office of the Komunity Kráľovnej pokoja charity and the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity. From a historical perspective, another major landmark s the 27-metre-long and 6-metre wide karst cave named Čertova pec, which is known as the oldest cave settlement in Slovakia.



Školská 416

956 05 Radošina

Tel: 00 38 53 98 184

Web: www.radosina.sk