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Ranch pod Babicou


Ranch pod Babicou is located in the town of BojnáRanc01.jpg at the base of the Považský Inovec and its local Marhát range. The ranch has a number of attractions for guests, including fishing for young and old alike, a miniature zoo to visit, accommodation in the style of the Wild West and the restaurant with beautiful views out over the pond.

During the summer visitors are treated to refreshments served in the garden snack bar and a diverse spectrum of cultural activities including a goulash cooking competition, the opening of the motorbike season and more. Our relaxation pyramid is the perfect place for thoRanc5.jpgse looking to relax and to recharge their batteries.

Nature lovers are sure to enjoy the peace and quiet in the nearby forest, perfect for walks, mushroom hunting and bicycle touring. As you walk through the forest be sure not to miss the Valy archaeological site, which was once one of the centres of Great Moravia. Ranch pod Babicou is an ideal place for families with children and for anyone else looking to get away from the daily grind.


Ranč pod Babicou

Bojná 68

956 01 Bojná

Tel: 00 38 53 73 298

Mobil: 00 905 290 413

Web: www.babica-bojna.sk