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Silent Guardians of the Mysterious Tríbeč

Mlkvy_strazca_tribeca01.jpgDid you enjoy the pleasant shade of the Tríbeč forests and do you wish to uncover the further mysteries hidden from the view of curious visitors? If so, then head out to the sun-drenched peak via an inconspicuous path alongside the ancient ruins of the Oponice Castle estate, which proudly stands over the region like a silent guardian. The path, meandering through deep forests, sometimes fully blends in with the surrounding wild natural scenery and gives this place a rather mysterious atmosphere.


After the pleasant climb a small glade with a beautiful view appears not far from the surrounding forest. From here this is only a short hop to the bizarre rocky cliff called Veľká skala, which offers beautiful views that leave a strong impression on each tourist. From this point the broad region of along the valley of the River Nitra spreads below with its gilded fields of grain and green strips of trees and meadows, and in the distance stands the gigantic massive of the Považský Inovec, which from time immemorial has formed a natural border between this fertile region and the region along the River Váh.

Afterwards, when you have had your fill of the views, boldly plunge back into the green sea of moss-grown trees, which will safely lead to the pompous manor house concealed within a vast English park above the village of Horné Lefantovce. The peaceful environment and pleasant atmosphere here will act as a balm on the spirit, and after a short walk in the shadows of the spreading trees a person feels again full of energy and strength.