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Splendid Gemstones of the Region

Plejada_skvostov_01.jpgTopoľčany Castle, however, is not the only stone sentinel of the region. The imposing Oponice Castle towers like a silent giant in the shadow of the trees of the Tríbeč Mountains. It is said that this picturesque ruin tucked within an oak forest and giving a very pleasant and warm impression hides a fabulous treasure which Prince Svätopluk of the Great Moravian Empire buried here. The legend states that Svätopluk liked to come to this place and therefore hid his famous sword here together with the treasure. The treasure with the sword, however, will not be found until it will be most necessary to save the Slovak nation from doom.

During your visit here you can, in addition to the mythical treasure, find a picturesque ancient castle ruin straight from a fairy tale. Here, enclosed within the old castle walls, which are a memento of the rich history of the dominant building of this region, you can rest and draw energy. All those who love quiet nooks with majestic views of the surrounding countryside will certainly appreciate this place. The view over the sun-drenched valley of the River Nitra, surrounded by the distant peaks of the Považský Inovec, will certainly leave you with many beautiful memories and impressions.

Plejada_skvostov_03.jpgIf you are feeling tired from your travels and want to rest in pleasant surroundings, then be sure to visit the Renaissance manor house of the noble Appony family in Oponice, built into a luxury hotel with a swimming pool, a whirlpool and a wide offer of wellness services. Stay in these historic spaces in stylish rooms or spacious and luxuriously furnished apartments, where in the past such personalities as member of the presidential dynasty of the Roosevelts, Josephine Baker, the maharaja from Patiala, Thomas Cardeza from the Titanic, or the Albanian Queen Geraldine stayed. You will surely not forget to look into the famous Baroque library of the ancient Appony family, which harbours on its shelves priceless tomes, among which are the works of Roman Popes, the private correspondence of French kings, Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin, Joan of Arc, or a rare originals from Machiavelli, Bernini, Da Vinci, Goethe or Schiller.


In addition to the old tomes you can also see in the library reconstructed historical paintings, original furniture and different reminders from travels and pilgrimages of the old Appony family. With its character and contents the Appony library in Oponice is undoubtedly a pearl among libraries in Slovakia and is almost without parallel; however, it is not the only place of interest you’ll want to praise from this seemingly undistinguished village in the Tríbeč Mountains. Among the must-see jewels of Oponice is undoubtedly the Little Manor House, in which the Appony hunting museum is found. When visiting this place you will certainly find the collections of paintings, the period furniture, part of the Bernolak library, hunting trophies, sacred objects from the local church and the unique artefacts associated with aircraft from the Tribeč Mountains of interest. Before you decide on continuing along your trips around the region, don’t forget to visit the Appony crypt beneath the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, where you will find the remains and sarcophaguses of representatives of this age-old family.