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Surrounding Area

Okolie_04.jpgOkolie_02.jpgIf you have been astonished by the beauty of the wild Tríbeč, whose wide forests conceal many jewels waiting to be discovered, you will certainly not want to miss a visit to old Gýmeš Castle, or the ruins of Čierný Castle.

Lovers of long walks in nature will appreciate a trip across the Tríbeč to the town beneath the castle peak, the ancient town of Nitra. The winding trail will lead you to such unique places as the little Church of St. George, which has priceless frescoes concealed inside, the oldest paintings in Slovakia, or the Remitáž campsite, a delightful place for rest in the peaceful environment of the limpid lakes. Do not go around the Žibrica peak, known for its grassy slopes with bizarre rocky shapes and providing a view to the wider surroundings. okolie_01.jpgAnd at the conclusion you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the flat and fertile land of the Nitra region from the summit of the giant peak Zobor.

If you still have a little bit of strength, then head out across the forested steppe of Zobor to the nearby village of Drážovec, whose dominant feature is the Church of St. Michael Archangel. The picturesque knoll of this simple but uncommonly beautiful church is among the most beautiful scenery that Slovakia has to offer.

And if you desire further experiences, the majestic surrounding castles of Tematín, Beckov, Čachtice and Bojnice, and the ancient towns of Nitra and Piešťany, are all just a stone’s throw away.