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The Ancient Centre of the Topoľčany Region



Directly in the heart of the Topoľčany region lies its economic-business and cultural-social centre, a town of cultural-historical monuments and a place full of experiences: the town of Topoľčany. Let yourself be charmed during your visit by its beautiful little nooks and crannies. Enjoy a walk along the grandiose main square – the Square of Milan Rastislav Štefánik – where the mystic beauty of the secession style blends in with elements of modern architecture. The appeal of the entire space of the Topoľčany square is emphasised by the majestic 13th century Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, whose interior houses several imposing sacred monuments. In the close vicinity of the church another marvel will stagger your senses: the secession town hall building from the early 20th century, which is the most impressive symbol of the local secession movement and at the same time the grandiose dominant feature of Topoľčany. A natural component of the square is the statue “Žochár” (dialect for “a man of Topoľčany”) sitting on a stone tile on the square directly in front of the town hall building. The new-age fountain behind the church is also a favourite place for children and random passers-by, who can sit here and rest here in the delightful shadow of the spreading trees.


Lovers of architecture will certainly take an interest in and enjoy a visit to the secession Burgher’s villa, the functionalist Mokrý and Pálffy villas, or the Finková villa, for which eclecticism elements are characteristic. Those who are seeking peace and an escape from daily stress can visit the Calvary built in the neo-Gothic style. This important architectural monument, differing from the busy town centre with its uncanny quiet, is a pleasant place of rest and spiritual peace.

Another component of the town not to be missed is the Tribeč Museum, which offers visitors an exposition called The Nature of the Central Nitra Valley and permanent and changing thematic exhibitions, lectures, seminars, creative workshops and other events which will enliven your visit. The jewel of the entire museum collection is undoubtedly the discovery of fossilized remains of jawbones with the tusks of a Cenezoic mastodon, which are unique not only in Slovakia but also in all of Europe.