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The Pearl of the Považský Inovec

Perla_PI_03.jpgDid you like the atmosphere of this scenic little corner of the Topoľčany region? Then grab your walking stick, put provisions in your pack, put on your hiking boots and head out to the sun-drenched forest, which hides within it one of the most impressive peaks of the Považský Inovec, Panská javorina.


Your journey will be made more delightful by the melodic singing of birds, the burbling of the stream and the quiet rustling of the forest foliage. The meandering path disappearing in the lively forest growth leads you to the grassy side, offering sublime views to the wider surroundings. From there it is only a quick jump to the peak itself, on which a giant wooden viewing tower proudly stands, a masterwork of folk hands, from the top of which the entire Topoľčany region spreads before your eyes as if in the palm of your hand, as well as the area along the Váh, the scenic peaks of the Tríbeč, Little Carpathian, Strážov Mountains, or Vtáčnik, or the Veľká Fatra.

On the trip back don’t forget to stop in the Kulháň settlement, where the delightful aroma of baked - smoked trout mixes with the pervading chatter of visitors enjoying pleasant moments in the scenic surroundings of the local fishponds.