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Topoľčany Castle

Topolciansky_hrad_01.jpgPodhradie is best known for Topoľčany Castle, which is a truly unique construction landmark in Slovakia. The history of the castle and its establishment is closely linked to the Csák family. Following the death of Máté Csák of Trenčín, the castle passed into the king's property and was passed on to a lord from the Séchényi family and was occupied during the Hussite Wars by troops loyal to Duke Stibor from Stiboricz. In 1446 the castle was captured and burned during fighting with troops loyal to John Hunyadi and reconstructed once the situation had settled down, followed by expansion in the following centuries.Topolciansky_hrad_03.jpg At the end of the 16th century the castle became the property of the Forgach de Ghymes family and was transformed into a residence in a Renaissance style. The final owners of the castle were the Stummer family, which at the turn of the 19th century had part of the dilapidated castle preserved and transformed in a romantic style. Thanks to this reconstruction work, the castle added the tower that now completes its characteristic silhouette.

Despite the fact that the castle was once the home of so many noble families, modern day visitors are primarily drawn to its romantic appearance. On a visit, tourists can take in the beautiful views of the Ponitria region, the peaks of the Tribeč, Vtáčnik and Považsky Inovec mountains as well as the reconstructed premises of the upper castle with the amphitheatre and outdoor stage.