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Vineria Topoľčany


Wine lovers who have come to visit TopoľčanVineria_3.jpgy can look forward to a pleasant surprise at the Vineria wine shop, which is the exclusive importer of wines from the Appollonio winery in Italy. The shop has more than 200 types of wine in stock that are not available in regular retail chains and they can only be purchased in the Horeca segment.

Vineria5.jpgVineria also offers lovers of wine and wine culture and other interested visitors the opportunity to become a member in the Vineria club, which provides the opportunity to visit wine producers, discover the art of wine tasting and properly pairing foods with wine The club was created in order to promote and support winemaking traditions that are closely associated with the craft practised by winemakers and the love the give to the process. The club is not simply a wine bar; it is also a cultural centre perfect for hosting presentations, private celebrations and meetings between people with the same interests in a fun and comfortable environment Every month the club organizes a number of guided tastings, which are led by professionals, including wines from a range of producers and suppliers.



Námestie M. R. Štefánika 30

955 01 Topoľčany

Tel: 00 903 111 231

Web: www.vineria.sk