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Vítkovce Stables

Vitkovske_stajne_03.jpgHorseback riding away from contact with civilization and in direct contact with your horse, changing natural scenery and clean air will all help you relax from your day-to-day cares and experience an adventure you'll never forget. Horseback riding around Vítkovské Stajne is sure to help beginners and experienced riders relax.

Horseback riding is a great way to spend your free time in the great outdoors. Our stables are located in a perfect quiet environment nearby the town of Kuzmice and are the perfect place for horse and riding lovers alike. A training course under the watchful eyes of an experienced trainer with many years of experience combining a friendly and individual approach with well-prepared horses is perfect for beginners and is guaranteed to provide you with quality and highly specialized training. For those who prefer being outdoors, horseback riding around our stables is a great opportunity guaranteed to help your relax from everyday stress. A covered hall is also available to guests if the weather doesn't cooperate. Being in such a beautiful environment and horseback riding presents a unique opportunity to strengthen bonds between family members or a team at work and is a great way to simply spend free time with friends.


Hippotherapy is a highly effective treatment process with a diverse range of applications that is becoming ever more popular. Our stable also provides the opportunity to try out this unique treatment combining contact between people and horses. This specialized therapeutic approach is used to eliminate or minimize physical, psychological, social and mental handicaps. Hippotherapy is an excellent therapy fostering the conditions needed for movement activities and helps to improve the quality of life for those who suffer from a health disability.

Having your own horse is a dream of nearly every child and more than a few adults. Our stable can help fulfil this dream by offering visitors and all lovers of these beautiful animals the opportunity to purchase their own horse. Given that caring for these beautiful animals is quite demanding, we also offer stabling services for your horse at our facilities. Leave these duties to the hands of professionals while giving your horse the opportunity to graze in our large areas and fields, which is exceptionally important for the horse's healthy development. If interested, please stop by any time to ride with your horse in our sand drained riding yard, covered hall or in the beautiful natural environment around our stables.